Introduction of FLASH 360

Flattening Label Associate Serial Host 360 Degree [FLASH 360] is a line scan and high resolution camera based solution for inspection of Data matrix [2D code]/ Barcode [1D code] which is printed on bottles FLASH 360 has a state of art mechanism to provide a controlled rotation of bottle, which makes camera system to capture the desired image for processing by software. As a bottle passes through the machine at any given speed it rotates at a particular position and provide triggers for cameras to capture images of the bottle. Same time bottom camera also capture the image to process the reference barcode pasted on bottom of the bottle. The analysis software process both images of bottom 2D & Side 2D which is carrying main data. Then Decode 2D & Check the correct label has been placed. If by any reason a bottle fails its inspection verification, it is tracked and diverted through a reject mechanism.

The system is designed with 2 cameras to reduce complexity of the solution. In which one camera is a line scan camera, which allow system to get the Flatter image of circular surface of the bottle. Because this system is associating 2D code of side and the bottom so the name Flattening Label Associate Serial Host 360 Degree in short FLASH 360 has been given to this system.


  1. Line scan camera based arrangement for supporting high speed.
  2. GS1 supported 2D data matrix and 1D decoding facility by Software.
  3. User-friendly GUI, and simple to operate.
  4. Only two cameras to do 360 degree solution with reference bar code.
  5. Module for production report, batch reports, data backup, audit trail, password and administration compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
  6. cGMP compliant machine design.
  7. Provide production report with Reference Barcode.
  8. Decode & Validate labels with integrated Software.
  9. Ease of use for different sizes of bottles.
  10. Supported speed  upto 150* Bottle / Minute.
  11. Minimum product to product change over time.