Kevision Systems offers KevSecure as an enterprise level application to fulfill the requirement of Track and Trace solution. It has been designed to ensure the best print quality for the 2D-Data Matrix code and the highest level of accuracy and efficiency into a process flow.

Multi-code Aggregation System [McAS] is an ultra-high resolution camera based solution for inspection of Multiple Datamatrix [2D code] in a single capture for aggregation. McAS is based on industrial PC based station powered with Ultra high resolution camera and advanced illumination arrangement along with handheld scanner and a Label Printer. This station is design to semi-automatic process of aggregation of bundle/ cases/shippers.

Mechanical structure of machine is design as per operator ergonomics.

Mechanical structure of machine is design as per operator ergonomics.

McAS Camera system works on external trigger given by the user or sensing the case/shipper placement on workstation. Once the define numbers of requested valid 2D Code i.e. datamatrix decoded by the system, it will generate a Parent Label by the help of integrated thermal transfer label printer as per the regulatory requirement. This system is normally used to aggregate cartons on shipper/case.

Special Features

  • State of Art Multiple GS1 supported 2D datatmatrix and 1D decoding facility by camera.
  • Verification of all printed data, including 2D datamatrix/ 1D barcodes.
  • User-friendly GUI, and simple to operate.
  • Module for production report, batch reports, data backup, audit trail, password and administration compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
  • cGMP compliant machine design.
  • Motorized control of Imaging Unit for supporting multi-laye.r
  • Integrated with Printer and Scanner for printing and verification.
  • Supports majority of Thermal Transferlabel printers available.
  • Provide production report with various classifications like printed / commissioned / damaged / specimen etc.
  • Multiple country track and trace regulations supported.
  • Require server connectivity only when download and upload required.
  • Complies with FDA 21CFR.
  • Scans and commission labels with anintegrated scanner
  • Powered with Auto adjustment for focusing of different layers of bottle/carton/shipper sizes through Motorized mechanism.
  • Supports multiple layer concept that enables faster packaging of shippers or cases.