Tablet Inspection System

Tablet Inspection System is a high resolution color camera based inspection solution for tablets with rejection control. High recognition capability suited to a wide range of tablets, in bottle packaging machines.

Finding and rejecting the product with different shade, foreign product and broken products are the main check points of Tablet Inspection solution. Tablet inspection system monitors a wide range of products with all shapes, colors and sizes of tablets. Tablet Inspection system takes control of all defect detection along with rejection controlling mechanism.

Special Features

  • Inspection of
    - Tablets all colors and shapes
    - Broken Tablets
    - Colors correctness
    - Shape
    - Geometry (area, contour, major/minor axis)
  • Monitoring of up to 24 Channels at a time.
  • Simple and fast auto-learning procedure: the software guides the operator along the phases of format creation.
  • Automatic self-learning procedure to make easy and accurate teaching of objects.
  • Excellent integration capability with new and existing bottle packing machines.
  • Module for production report, batch reports, data backup, audit trail, password and format administration compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Advanced statistical analysis with detailed reject in production report to help detecting the reject causes in the upstream production process.
  • Ultimate tracking logic to capture all product movement in every frame.


  • Broken
  • Chipped Top Coating
  • Stained
  • Colour Variation
  • Crack on Side
  • Body Missing
  • Size Variation