KevSecure – A Complete Track & Trace Solution

KevSecure, gives an ultimate solution that meets & exceeds the current serialization requirements and is also very flexible to adapt to all upcoming regulations. This versatility can be achieved, using Kevision’s latest engineering and IT technology with a proven and tested serialization system. This Track & Trace solution has an extensive list of features and that can be deployed easily and quickly.

KevSecure – Site Commander

SiteCommander (SC), is Kevision’s state of the art software solution for Track & Trace in the pharmaceutical industry. Located at the plant level (L3), SC’s powerful capabilities enable you to master the entire serialization and aggregation processes, handling the data exchange required between various systems, while adapting to your specific business logic and allowing you to better manage all your data.
Acting as a single point of entry that coordinates actions for your plant (L3), KevSecure SC gathers data from the packaging lines (L2) and communicates information and work orders through the existing ERP or MES (L3) and up to the corporate level (L4), getting serial numbers and sending back reports.

KevSecure SC encapsulates all of Kevision’s expertise in serialization and aggregation, complying with the numerous laws and legislations.


With its ability to stock process orders and serial numbers, KevSecure SC provides the production facility by feeding and distributing work to the packaging lines.

KevSecureSiteCommander offers a powerful combination. At its core, SC provides superior general functionalities. At the same time, it is open & customizable for maximum flexibility and customization. Thanks to this unique feature, KevSecureSiteCommander has the integrated extended capability to fit your particular business logic and connect with your IT environment.

With its modern architecture and exclusive personalization capabilities, the SC gives you maximum control, scalability and versatility for all your serialization management needs.

Process Order Repository: SC can exchange data to process orders from the ERP system to handle and allocate them for local packaging.

Serial Number Management: SC supports several types of coding and custom serial numbers, as well as barcodes such as GS1 Application Identifiers, Chinese E-Code, Brazil IUM, Data Matrix, etc. Moreover, SC can allocate serial numbers in different ways—sequential, random, pre-randomized, or shuffled.

Serialization Reporting: After a serialized batch, SC can locally store and display various reports—reconciliation, performance, inspection, batch, audit—for all lines and send them to the serialization database.