Kevision manufactures latest state of the art micro-controller based broken bag detector for the pharmaceutical industry.

Special Features

  • Better Accuracy, Quick Response.
  • Light Weight, Compact size (96 * 96mm) and Economical.
  • Front Panel Mounted.
  • 4-20 ma Output Signal / 1 NO / NC Potential Free Contact Output.
  • SS Sensor length and diameter as customer requirement.
  • LED indiacation for easy visibility.
  • Time and Sensitivity Adjustment easily through DIP switch/port.
  • Reset through Push Button/PLC.
  • Plug in Socket Connector in Sensor for easy maintenance.
  • Broken Bag Detector provides reliable and economical detection of filter failures in exhaust ducts of any kind of dust collection equipment.
  • Detects Broken Bag in Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD), Processor (FBP), Vacuum Dryer, Filter Bag House which results in reduced product loss and preventing damage to downstream equipment.
  • kevision also provides Broken Bag Detector suitable for Flame Proof Applications.
  • Kevision has introduced new Broken Bag Detector with Auto Sensor Cleaning Facility.
  • Kevision BBD being used by major FBD OEM's and end users in the pharmaceutical Industry.