UMR- Un-touch Measuring

UMR is a high resolution camera based measuring instrument. Which is basically based on high end camera based technological solution to provide precise measurement of object [Plastic Bottles, Ampule, Vials to check the dimensions.

This test rig can be used at Lab test unit. This is a replacement of manual measurement of bottles outer dimensions likewise width, diameter, heights etc. by camera based measurement.

Special Features

  1. UMR is design to measure:
    • Bottle size
    • Width measurement of different parts of bottles
    • Bottle shape
    • Geometry deformation
  2. High resolution camera.
  3. Simple and fast auto-learning procedure: the software guides the operator along the phases of format creation.
  4. Automatic self-learning procedure to make easy and accurate calibration of object.
  5. Easy user-friendly graphic user interface based high end touch screen display.
  6. 360 Degree movement of bottle to see the dimensional details from all angles.
  7. Automated teach-in procedure integrated in Inspection to make precise measurement.
  8. Module for production report, batch reports, audit trail, password and format administration compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
  9. Detailed Analytic report generation with authentication.
  10. Reliability of measuring parameters.
  11. Advanced statistical analyses with detailed reject analysis in Production report.
  12. Imaging assembly adjustment of height and forward backward movement to adjust as per product dimentsions.