Blister Inspection System (BliSecure) is a high resolution color camera based inspection solution for tablets and capsule as well as rejection control. The system is designed to provide a very high recognition capability that is suited to a wide range of products & foils in blister packaging machines.
Some of the most important requirements met by this system is that it has the capability to make a precise distinction between color shades, detection of  tiny black spots, small broken, different color etc.
Ultimate integration capability to control the rejection mechanism of new and existing blister pack machines by help of BIS Input/Output module.

Special Features

  1. Automated teach-in procedure available.
  2. Inspection of all geometric and color characteristics of tablets and capsules.
  3. Inspection of product on transparent, opaque or Alu foil.
  4. Inspection of bar code on foil surface.
  5. Monitoring of up to 16 tracks – In case of single camera based solution, and up to 12 Tracks in case of two camera  based solution with shift register and real-time visualization on the monitor.
  6. Facility of working on both continuous and intermittent operating machines.
  7. User-friendly GUI, and simple to operate.
  8. Fast change of formats from the stored product archive.
  9. Excellent integration capability with new and existing blister machines available.
  10. The system is compliant to 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Audit Report
  • Production Report
  • Security Policy

Defects Detection Capabilities

  • Missing
  • Broken
  • Color Variation
  • Spots of Contrast Color
  • Double Product
  • Powder in Cavity
  • Extra Particle on Cavity
  • Product Outside the Pocket
  • Powder on Foil Surface
  • Crack on Tablets
  • Foreign Product
  • And many more defects can be identified.